Red Haired Boy: Guitar Lesson

G’day! In this guitar lesson we’ll take a look at 2 different ways of playing the same melody for Red Haired Boy on the guitar. The basic version is played out of the open position, the second version is the exact same melody but played with a floating technique, fretting the notes further up the neck allowing the open strings to resonate longer.

Both versions work really well, but sound slightly different. The basic melody is the easier of the two versions and the floating version sounds a little more “harp like” with the open strings ringing out longer, creating some interesting overtones. You may also find it interesting to see where the melody notes in the open position repeat themselves further up the neck.

Both arrangements are played in standard tuning, with a capo placed on the 2nd fret. This puts the melody in the key of A Mixolydian. 

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Preview & Lesson #1 – Part A (Basic)

Video Lesson #2 – Part B (Basic) (Members Only)

Video Lesson #3 – Part A (Floating) (Members Only)Video Lesson #4 – Part B (Floating) (Members Only)

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