Nine Pound Hammer: Beginner Banjo Lesson

Here’s a beginner arrangement of Nine Pound Hammer for the the banjo! In this arrangement, there are 2 different versions. The first has a basic rhythm structure: one measure of quarter notes, followed by one measure of eighth notes in a forward roll pattern. The second version mixes the quarter & eighth notes within several bars. Both versions do not use any ornaments (slides, hammer-ons, etc), making it less complicated for the left hand. The video lesson for variation #1 is available free below.

The full lesson for variation #2 is available to members, which:

  • Break down the solo at a slow tempo, with explanation;
  • Up close video of both left & right hands & TAB on screen;
  • PDF tab for both versions;
  • Plus backing track to play along with!

Full membership only $10/month and gives you access to all video lessons, tabs & charts!

The TAB only is also available to purchase separately below for both variations.

Here’s the preview and lesson for variation #1:

Video Lesson – Variation #2 (Members Only)

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