Cold Frosty Morning: Solo Flatpicking Guitar Lesson

Hey! In this guitar lesson we’ll learn a solo flatpicking arrangement of Cold Frosty Morning. This version will work equally well as a solo piece or with back up. The arrangement focuses on the floating technique, utilising open strings and fretted notes up the neck to create harmony and allow for the notes to ring out as long as possible.

The video lesson for Part A is available free below. The full lesson for the remainder of the arrangement is available to members, which:

  • Breaks down the solos at a slow tempo;
  • Up close video of both left & right hands & TAB on screen;
  • PDF tab;
  • Picking direction.

Full membership only $10/month and gives you access to all video lessons, tabs & charts!

The TAB only is also available to purchase separately below which includes picking direction:

Here’s the lesson preview & lesson for part A:

Video Lesson – Part B (Members Only)

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