Cherokee Shuffle: Flatpicking Guitar Lesson

In this arrangement of Cherokee Shuffle for the guitar, there are 2 versions.

Form played in the preview = AABB – A1 (Basic) A2 (Variation) B1 (Basic) B2 (Variation)

The first is the basic melody, played in the open position. The second variation introduces more bluegrass licks, cross-picking, harmonises the melody in places plus also moves up the neck using a floating technique. Floating is a technique of playing open strings in combination with fretted strings. You want to produce a ringing sound with the open strings and allow the notes to sustain as long as possible.

The video lesson for variation #1 is available free below. The full lesson for variation #2 is available to members, which:

  • Includes over 18 minutes of video lessons for the entire arrangement;
  • Breaks down the solo at a slow tempo, with explanation;
  • Up close video of both left & right hands & TAB on screen;
  • PDF tab for both versions;
  • Picking direction.

Full membership only $10/month and gives you access to all video lessons, tabs & charts!

The TAB only is also available to purchase separately below for both variations which includes picking direction:

Preview Audio (Guitar-Cherokee Shuffle) – Right Click To Save/Download)

Here’s the preview and lesson for variation #1:

Video Lesson – Variation #2 (Members Only)

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